Time in Phoenix to be adjusted for fall time

Phoenix is to be set for a slight change in time for the next few weeks, as it looks set to be a little more cloudy than normal, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

The official time in Phoenix will be 12:30 a.m.

Monday through Thursday, then 11:00 a.g.

Friday through Monday, and 11:30 p.m., 11:45 p. m. and 12:00 noon on Wednesday and Thursday.

The time will be adjusted up to 11:05 p.t. on Thursday.

It will be noon Thursday through Friday for some areas of the metro Phoenix area, the time will not be adjusted in those areas on Wednesday.

The Phoenix City Council voted last week to make it easier for residents to adjust time.

The change is scheduled to take effect Wednesday.

Phoenix has been getting much of the week off from the city, as a heat wave hits the metro area.

Temperatures are expected to drop to about 35 degrees Wednesday morning, then climb to about 40 degrees Wednesday afternoon and reach a low of about 35 at noon.

A high of 55 is expected Wednesday evening.

“The cold weather that we’ve been experiencing is not conducive to the use of public transportation,” Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said.

“I believe that with a little bit of a tweak, it would be a lot easier to go out and do a bit of the shopping, drive the kids to school, take the kids out for dinner, or take the dog to a park and just get to spend some quality time with your family.”

The Phoenix Fire Department said they are asking for the public to stay home for the first two days of fall, as the weather continues to be unpredictable.

The city has been operating with an “extreme heat advisory” since Oct. 21.

The temperature will continue to rise in Phoenix, with the temperature expected to climb to around 45 degrees Tuesday.

Phoenix City Manager Ken Blackwell said the change will be temporary until the weather improves.

“We will be adjusting our schedule until it gets to that point, but we will continue the regular operations until we can return to normal,” Blackwell said.

In addition to the time adjustment, the Phoenix City Government is also looking to make the city more comfortable for people who are on foot, biking or on public transit.

The City Council is expected to approve an ordinance to allow people to walk and bike on city streets for the second half of fall.

Blackwell said he hopes to have a resolution to that ordinance before the end of the month.

Phoenix is also preparing for a possible increase in snowfall.

The snow forecast has the city expecting up to a foot of snow in the Phoenix area by Thursday.

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