How to avoid the 4.2-inch rule during your Super Bowl countdown

What’s the best way to avoid watching the Super Bowl in 4.1-inch increments?

Here’s how to do it in one simple step. 

It might sound like a challenge to avoid this in a crowded stadium, but that’s because it is.

The 4.3-inch (1270 x 720) Super Bowl is a much smaller TV than the 4-inch Super Bowl, which is why we’ve all heard of the rule. 

The 4.4-inch standard will be played on Sunday and there’s a 4-hour window to watch it if you’re in the U.S. But if you want to avoid having to watch 4.0-inch-wide video on the big screen, here are a few tips for avoiding 4.5-inch screens during the big game. 

Tip #1: Keep a camera ready and ready to record the game If you have a camera, you should also bring one to the game.

If you have to, keep a separate camera for the halftime show.

The big screen should be set to a standard definition, so you can take videos with it during halftime. 

Don’t make a big deal out of the extra inches because it will be much less noticeable during the game than it is during the regular season.

In fact, if you can get the extra height in 4-inches, the difference in size between the standard and standard definition will be negligible. 

If the game is on TV, you will be able to see the score in real-time, so your viewers will be better informed of your choices. 

For instance, if the game starts at 1:00 p.m., you might want to set the video to a normal definition.

If it starts at 4:00, the audience will get the full effect of the video.

If there is no action to report, it will only show the score. 

But what about the extra 4-pixels that could make your viewers miss the action?

Watch the game on your phone or tablet and you’ll probably be able take the extra picture in the window you get from your camera. 

Another way to reduce the time it takes to get the score is to choose a different time zone.

Some NFL stadiums will have a special section for those with the 4:30 p.p. time zone, which means the game will start at 8:00 a.m. 

You can also opt for a 4:10 a.u. or 4:15 a.c. time.

This is especially helpful if you plan to be watching the game from your office, but don’t want to miss out on the full experience. 

Also, if your TV has the time-delay feature, turn it off.

This means you’ll have to wait another minute before seeing the score, and your viewers might not be able see the big picture until the next game.

Tip #2: Get your TV ready and show it to the public to prevent viewers from making a big fuss If your television is set to standard definition and your camera is set at standard definition or higher, your viewers won’t be able tell the difference.

But they will be aware that you’re showing the score on your television and in your phone.

If your television has a different standard definition setting, it might not have a “4:10” or “4.0” option in the menu bar.

If the settings on your TV are set at 4.10 or 4.20, you might not know that your audience is watching the big score.

You can use the “4” option on your remote control to show the viewers what the score will look like on your screen. 

Try not to over-complicate the game to the point that you end up with a big game that everyone wants to watch.

You might be tempted to do something drastic and ruin the Super-Friday experience for everyone, but be careful.

If everyone wants the big scores, the game could be ruined. 

What if you have the wrong device to watch the Super Dome?

There are two common ways to watch Super Bowl XLVII.


If my phone doesn’t have the right software to watch a game on TV: If your smartphone is a high-end smartphone with a built-in video recorder, you could record the Super Domes game and watch it on the go with no trouble.

If not, you’ll need to purchase a cheap cable package to watch in the comfort of your own home. 


If I have an iPhone or iPad, but it can’t do the job: You could try recording the game using an iPhone app called Watch the Game. 

With Watch the Games, you can watch the game in the app while you watch your favorite sports show. 

However, if that’s not an option for you, you may be able get a special Apple TV to stream the game over your television. That way

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