How to get ready for the ‘next big thing’ in Asia

TIME is calling it the next big thing in Asia.

And with more than 100 million people in Asia, and billions of dollars of investments in technology and entertainment, the region is primed to be a global financial hub for years to come.

Time magazine says Asia’s economy could surpass the U.S. as the world’s fifth largest by 2030.

“What is happening in Asia is absolutely unprecedented,” said Peter Smith, chief executive of Time Warner, the world-wide media conglomerate.

“This is the biggest, fastest-growing, fastest diversifying, fastest growing and most important economy on earth.”

TIME is forecasting that the region will be the world leader in the creation and distribution of smart TVs by 2030, and the most valuable and popular business market in the world by 2030 and beyond.

That’s a big deal in a time when businesses are increasingly reliant on technology and new, mobile technologies.

But it’s also a challenge for a region that already struggles with high poverty rates, a shortage of skilled workers and a shortage and lack of infrastructure.

The Asia Pacific region has been hit hard by China’s economic slowdown, a sharp drop in global oil prices and the global financial crisis.

China has also been accused of cracking down on the rights of minorities and LGBT people.

But despite the turmoil and challenges, Asia has the potential to be an even more dynamic region in the next decade.

In the region, people are spending more time online, and they’re spending more on entertainment.

And thanks to a growing middle class and a growing population, Asia is on track to become the fastest-developing and most populous region in Asia over the next few decades.

Smith says the region’s new growth model will be one of the fastest in the Western Hemisphere by 2030 — something that could be seen in the U, U.K., France, Italy, Germany and Canada, among others.

It’s a shift that has many worried, including the International Monetary Fund, which warned in January that the rising tide of technology and globalization could lead to a new generation of people lacking the skills to run businesses.

China is not the only country in Asia looking to do something with the wealth of its people.

There’s a new breed of young entrepreneurs who are going global and investing in tech, media, film, real estate and other businesses.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is launching projects in China, the Philippines and South Korea, as well as developing projects in the United States and Australia.

The Chinese government has been trying to revive the economy and make sure the region has enough money to keep it going for the next generation.

And the country has been making it clear that it wants to help the U

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