The Wheel of Time: An Analysis of the Wheel

By now, it’s pretty clear that Wheel of Ice and Fire: A New Beginning is the last book in the Wheel of the World series.

The series is set in the world of the series, so readers are going to see the same characters and events from the Wheel, but the Wheel is not actually present in the series. 

The Wheel of Fire is an alternate universe, which is where the Wheelers live. 

This is a major difference between the Wheel and the Wheel in the real world.

Wheel of Water and Fire is a fictional world, which has its own set of characters, events, and conflicts.

The Wheel is a book about magic, and the real-world events in the books take place outside of the books universe. 

I was surprised to find that Wheel is one of the few books in the main series that does not have any mention of the Great Wheel of time.

The only book that does this is The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which features the Wheel as the central storyline. 

That makes it a bit harder to analyze the book because it’s not a book that you’re going to read just for the Wheel. 

But Wheel of Light has one major advantage over The Wheel: the characters are all the same. 

Even the names of the characters don’t change. 

For example, the characters from The Wheel, The Lord’s army, and The Watch, are all still called The Watch. 

They’re just different names. 

“The Lord of Light” is the same name as “The Lord.” 

In this way, the Wheel doesn’t change much, and it makes it easier to analyze. 

Here’s what we know about the Wheel: The Watch (Lord of the Flame) and his army of nine Watchmen, including a young man named Ygritte, are the main characters in the book. 

Lord of Flame has an entire series of adventures, all of which take place in the Watch, and they’re set in a time and place where the Watchmen are on the lookout for the Ring. 

Ygrittes family is at the center of the story, and her father, Narsil, is the king of a very different time and space than we see in the Book of the Stranger. 

As the story goes, the Watch are on an epic quest to retrieve the Ring, but Ygritz is fighting a war with a man named The Man of the Mountain, and his men have been searching for the Rings for ages. 

When The Man is captured, the king sends Narsils men to retrieve him. 

While The Man’s captors are able to capture the Ring in the Man’s possession, they’re also able to bring The Man to a cave in the mountains where the ring resides. 

In the cave, they discover The Man, who is the one who captured the Ring from The Man. 

It’s a complicated story, but it’s important to understand that the Watch must overcome the Man in order to find the Ring and return it to the king. 

What the Watch is doing to solve the Man of Mountain’s captor is called The Great Hunt. 

A group of Watchmen travel to The Man in the Cave of the Mountains. 

Once they get to the cave and find the ring, they have to fight their way through the Mountain’s warriors to retrieve it. 

One Watchman, Narm, is killed, and another, Lothar, is sent to retrieve Narsile. 

Narsil and Lothars armies clash, but Lothard is killed when he tries to take the Ring away. 

Lothard then takes the Ring with him to Narsiles homeland. 

He finds Narsilic in a cave where he’s trapped in. 

There, he learns of the Ring’s whereabouts. 

After he learns this, Narniel and Narsi are summoned to Narn, the mountain home of Narsila. 

From there, the pair go to Nar, who tells them that he’s a fool. 

Now, the King is the greatest of all men. 

And if he doesn’t find the Great Hunt, he’ll never get his ring back. 

We don’t know much about the other Watchmen in the story. 

 One of them, Ygric, is an old man who lost his memory. 

His name is Gwynedd. 

Gwynedd was the King of the Watch at the time of The Watchmen. 

By then, he had been a prisoner of the Black Gate for many years. 

(That was the name of the Gate’s entrance into the World.) 

He then had a vision of a vision from his ancestor, which he was forced to listen to. 

Eventually, he managed to escape from the Black Gates, and returned to the Watch to lead the Watch. 

 Gwynanddd was eventually captured by the Black Riders,

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