When will Canada’s Mount St. Helens hit the ground running?

Posted March 05, 2019 07:54:04 With spring in full swing, and Canada’s first snowfall of the season expected, many are hoping to see Mount St Helen’s hit the road in style this spring.

While the snowfall forecast is uncertain, the city is in a great position to start off the season.

According to the Canadian Meteorological Association, Mount St Helens is expected to begin its snowfall season on March 6th and run through April 10th.

A few things to keep in mind for those wishing to visit the region during the winter months.

If you are planning to visit Mount StHelens during the snowstorm season, you should make sure you bring a helmet.

A helmet with an eye-shield will help protect the eyes from the cold air and snowfall.

You can also wear a coat, sweater or scarf, and a rain jacket, if necessary, to keep your face dry.

You should wear a hat and sunscreen, especially if you are on the East Coast of Canada.

If you do have a plan to visit, take a picture of your head and a map of your route with your cell phone.

It’s important to note that you cannot visit the Mount StHels ski area during the time of the storm.

The city has limited services during the storm, and therefore, people cannot park or access their vehicles.

A snow removal crew will be on the mountain on March 7th to clear snow and ice off the roads and trails.

The Mount Sthelens Ski Area has been closed to all vehicles.

The city has a public art installation, “The Mount”, at the corner of Main and Main Streets.

This installation, which is part of the “Art of Mount St Hilaire” exhibit, depicts a mountain scene, including a giant snowflake.

“The Mount” is open to the public from March 7 to April 5.

The sculpture is currently on display in the art gallery.

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