Which of the new Doctor Who TV series is the best?

I’m not going to argue the merits of the Doctor Who revival in this article, but I am going to give my top picks for the new series.

So, without further ado…

Here’s my top five:1.

The Empty Child, BBC1The BBC’s new drama is a new take on the old classic Doctor Who, and it’s got all the ingredients to be a hit.

It’s got the best music, the best actors, the most compelling and unique story and the most innovative characters.

It might not be perfect, but it’s a really fun adventure and a fun story to watch.

The show’s been a big hit with viewers, and this is the first time since The Day of the Daleks that it has had an overall ratings hit.

BBC Worldwide has said that the show has had over 100 million viewers since its launch, and its been a hit with the ages, with one report saying that 50% of viewers under the age of 35 have watched the show.

The fact that it was the only new Doctor Time travel drama on the BBCs schedule on Christmas Day has also been an amazing feat.

It’ll be interesting to see if the new season picks up the pace and makes the best of the show’s strengths.2.

The Day Of The Daleks, BBC2The next episode of Doctor Who’s third series, The Day And The Hour, looks to be one of the best ever.

Its got a lot of new faces, including Tom Baker as the Eighth Doctor, Peter Capaldi as the Third Doctor, and Rose Tyler as Rose Tyler.

This is the last episode of the first three seasons, and I’d be surprised if the show didn’t pick up the momentum from that.

The opening credits reveal the Doctor’s identity as The Doctor, which leads to the introduction of the Dalek-looking Cybermen, who are just as scary as the previous series, with their robotic arms, cloaking devices, and glowing eyes.

The Doctor takes them out, and they retreat into the Earth, leaving a large piece of the planet in ruins.

The Dalek-like Cybermen then invade Earth again, and we finally meet Rose Tyler, who has just arrived in the Time War.

The episode ends with The Doctor killing the Cybermen and returning to his normal life, only to be confronted by the Doctor, who is revealed to be the Seventh Doctor.

He is forced to flee Earth and return to his universe.3.

Time Heist, BBC4In the final episode of season 3, Time Heist sees the Eighth and Ninth Doctors reunite and face off against Cybermen in an attempt to save Earth.

It follows the First Doctor, Rose Tyler and the Fourth Doctor, both of whom have been killed, returning to the Time Wars in an effort to find and save their loved ones.

But as they head to Earth to save humanity, the Doctor faces a host of new threats, including the Time Vortex.

The series finale is a perfect blend of both The Day and The Hour’s storytelling.

The story’s very much a throwback to the original, with the Doctor playing a key role in saving Earth, and also facing a host the Cyberman threat.

But it also has a very different tone from the previous three episodes.

It has the best acting of the three seasons and it feels very much like the Doctor is a different actor.

It is a really nice, well-paced, emotional finale.4.

The Talons Of Weng-Chiang, BBC5The sixth Doctor’s last adventure is a very unique and fun story that mixes a number of genres, and is set in a different time and place than the previous four.

The story is told from the viewpoint of the Ninth Doctor, played by the talented Colin Baker, who also stars in the BBC series The Talon’s Tale.

We learn about the history of the Seventh and Eighth Doctors, and how they’ve changed over the years.

It also includes the Ninth and Sixth Doctors’ time travelling adventures with the Dalek, as well as the adventures of the Fourth and Sixth Doctor’s granddaughter.

The Sixth Doctor is shown as the only one who’s remained faithful to his old ways and not betrayed the other Doctors, who were all betrayed by the Daleck.

The Tenth Doctor is also shown as having been killed and replaced by the Eighth, which is very strange for the Ninth.

However, it does make for a fascinating story that will hopefully continue in the future, and if you haven’t seen the original series, I highly recommend you do.5.

The Impossible Astronaut, BBC6The sixth and final episode is an adventure about the Time Lords.

We first meet the Seventh, and he is a mysterious individual, and has been hiding for centuries.

He has also created a device called the “TARDIS”, which he’s using to go to the stars.

He’s an alien and he’s been travelling to the galaxy for centuries, and while he has his own timeline, he’s also the incarnation of the

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