How to tell if the Timbers are playing at full capacity

2 mins agoWhen the Timbers beat Toronto FC 2-0 on Sunday, they were at full strength.

They scored twice, but still needed to score another goal to win.

In fact, it took a penalty kick by Jordan Allen to make it 2-1 at the break.

That goal was the last straw.

After the game, head coach Caleb Porter made it clear that he wanted the Timbers to play like it.

The Timbers need to play with the same intensity as they have all season, and play with a certain purpose, Porter said.

“I want the guys to know, we’ve got to play in a way that we can win,” Porter said, per NBC Sports.

It was a tough week for the Timbers. “

If we play like this and that, we’re not going to win any trophies.”

It was a tough week for the Timbers.

The team went winless in its last five games and was eliminated from the playoffs last week.

That was a big loss for the club, which was hoping to finish the season strong.

Now, they are facing a challenge in the playoffs that could decide the club’s fate.

The Timbers will need to score more goals and score more often if they are to finish with the most points in the conference.

The last time the Timbers were in the playoff picture, they had scored 15 goals in their last six games.

The win came after a disappointing week for a team that is coming off an embarrassing 2-2 draw at Chicago.

They went out in the second half of their last match.

This was the first time they won in Chicago since the end of February.

Portland had two goals in the first half, but were unable to get on the board in the third period.

It was the second time this season that Portland was unable to score a goal in the opening minute of a match.

The club had two shots in the game but none of them were on target.

It will be difficult for the team to go out and score a ton of goals when they are missing several key players.

There are some key players on the roster who will need time to recover.

The best thing the Timbers can do is be focused on their job and try to get results, Porter added.

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