How to use the Time in Afghanistan (TTIM) calculator

Tim Burton, co-founder of Time in Afghanistan, has taken over the helm as CEO of the organisation that provides the data used to make the time in Afghanistan.

Tim will be the first person to have the title of CEO of Time In Afghanistan.

Tim, who has previously been the head of business development at Time in Pakistan, was appointed in November to lead Time in the country.

Time in Kabul, as the organisation is known, has been one of the most popular sites on the internet for more than a decade.

The site was founded by Tim’s cousin, Nasser Burton who had spent his life in Pakistan’s northwest Frontier Province and lived in Afghanistan before fleeing to Pakistan in 2010.

Tim, who is a graduate of Harvard Business School, has spent much of his career working with young people in Afghanistan, and in particular in the province of Helmand, where Tim was born and raised.

Tim’s passion for the project stems from his time in Pakistan and the time he spent in the area where he spent much time working as a journalist.

He said: “I’ve spent a lot of time in the Helmand province, in Helmand-e-Kashmir, the province that was part of Pakistan’s province of Punjab, which was the last province under the rule of the Taliban, where the Taliban controlled the province.”

Tim said the goal of Time was to provide a reliable time of day in Afghanistan and to create a safe space for young people to learn and build confidence.

“When we built this site, we really wanted to make sure that young people had a place to start and learn about their world and where they come from,” he said.

Tim has also created a community-based training centre called The Time in Kandahar for young Afghan students, in collaboration with a local school and a host of community organisations.

Tim said:”We have created this place for young Afghans to come and get a first hand experience of how to live and work as Afghans, in a safe, respectful environment.”

Tim hopes that the Time In Kabul website will serve as a resource for young men and women in the region, as well as the wider world.

Tim also wants to see Time in its entirety available on mobile devices.

Tim said that although Time in New York has a huge number of members in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, Tim will also be launching Time in Kathmandu.

Tim is currently working on the first phase of the project and said that he hopes to have it live in Afghanistan in 2019.

Tim Burton said:”[The site] will serve the world’s people who are trying to do better in Afghanistan,”Tim said.

“We are a global platform, and we’re going to be here for the rest of our lives.

We want to make it available to people in every country around the world, and hopefully we will be able to do it.”

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