When can you buy a taco with the money you earned at the auction?

Tim Ryan has a knack for finding a bargain at auction.

And this time, he was able to sell off a pair of jeans and a pair, one with a dollar-store price tag of $3,000.

That is a lot of money for a pair.

But Ryan is not interested in getting rich off of these.

“I’m not a fan of buying anything in bulk,” Ryan told HuffPost.

“It’s like buying a $300 bag of peanut butter.

I’m just going to spend my money and use it to pay for a new pair of pants or a new set of shoes.”

The pair was sold at auction by Ryan’s local pawn shop, The Docks.

The auction house, which bills itself as “America’s Best Bidding House,” was founded in 2012.

“We specialize in finding the most unique, desirable, unique, rare, and rare-sounding items at great prices,” the auction house said in a statement.

“With more than 15 years of experience, we strive to provide a truly unique experience for our clients.

The Docking at the Docks Auction House is committed to providing our customers with the best prices on their favorite items.”

Ryan said he decided to go for the jeans at auction because he wanted to make sure the pair would last him a lifetime.

“At the time I thought, ‘I’m going to put $1,000 down and I’ll wear them out,’ ” he said.

But when the jeans were sold, they became one of the most sought-after items in the auction.

The jeans had a price tag around $6,000 when they were first sold, but Ryan is planning to keep them.

“The pants are going to be a treasure,” he said, adding that he will take his $300 into retirement.

“You can wear them forever.

The money is not a thing that is going to disappear.”

He said the jeans are still in great shape, and he plans to keep wearing them for the rest of his life.

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