Which country is fastest growing?

Phoenix, Ariz.

— With the help of a Google search, Phoenix resident Tim Reid found out which countries are the fastest growing.

Reid, a 25-year-old computer engineer, posted the data online on Tuesday.

China, the United States and Australia, he said, are among the fastest-growing countries in the world.

He said his analysis is based on the average GDP per capita per capita of each country since 2000.

A number of factors affect growth, Reid said.

First, there are people.

If a country has a high birthrate, there’s more work to be done for every person.

Second, there is infrastructure, which requires a lot of resources.

And finally, Reid believes that the economy will improve if countries are able to work together and improve the efficiency of their economies.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if you have good institutions, you’ll be able to grow faster than if you don’t,” he said.

Reid said he’s not sure where the United Kingdom and Australia stand in the rankings, but he suspects the two nations could be headed in the right direction.

Britain has had a slow start to its recovery, but it has been moving in the wrong direction for many years, he added.

Australia has a long way to go, but its economy has been doing better than many others in the region, he noted.

While the United Nations is predicting a global economic slowdown this year, the data suggests that a lot will be happening in the United Arab Emirates and the UAE.

I think this is the beginning of a real global economic recovery, Reid added.

“The question is, when will it start?

And when will that start?

The question is: When will the economic recovery start?

I think we’re heading in the direction of that.

This story has been updated to correct an error.

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