How to read the Florida Supreme Court opinion on ‘stalking’

It is no surprise that the Florida Court of Appeals has ruled that Florida can ban stalking, an act that involves intentionally sending an unwanted, threatening or harassing text message or email.

As with any law, it is up to the courts to determine whether the intent of the sender is clear.

But the ruling makes clear that the Supreme Court will need to decide whether the statute is constitutionally broad.

Florida has enacted legislation in the past to restrict stalking, and in 2014, the legislature enacted an amendment to that statute that would allow the legislature to define stalking as “a pattern of harassing or stalking behavior directed at a specific person or persons.”

If the court strikes down the law, the statute would remain in effect until a federal appeals court rules on the constitutionality of the statute.

A Florida appeals court upheld a law that banned stalking in 2015, and this is the second time the state has struck down a stalking ban.

The Florida Supreme Judicial Court has previously ruled that a statute that includes an “intent” requirement is unconstitutional.

The appeals court’s decision in this case was 5-3, with the judges saying that “the legislature has adopted an unambiguous intent requirement, and the Legislature’s intention is clear.”

It is unclear if the Supreme Judicial Board will decide to rehear the case.

But it is unclear how this ruling would affect other laws that restrict stalking.

Florida already has laws prohibiting stalking, but the state legislature recently passed a new bill that adds stalking to those laws.

Under the new law, any person who has a sexual relationship with another person who is under age 18 is required to report it to the police within five days.

If the victim is a minor, the law would allow a police officer to file a report within 60 days.

But under the new statute, the police would have to have probable cause to believe the relationship is ongoing.

If convicted of a felony, the person would face up to five years in prison.

There are some other laws prohibiting sexual relations between minors and adults.

The statute prohibiting consensual sexual activity between minors over the age of 13 is similar to one that was recently overturned by a federal district court.

That ruling was 5 to 3.

But this new law also includes language that makes it illegal to commit “sexual intercourse without the consent of the minor.”

The bill that passed in the Legislature includes language similar to the Florida law, and it would also have to go through the state Senate before it reaches the governor’s desk.

The new bill does not include a provision prohibiting sex between minors, but it does include an exemption for “concubines” under 18 years of age, who are not married to the parent.

The legislation also has language that exempts minors who have sex with adults from being charged under the law.

The bill also includes an exception for “consensual sexual conduct with minors.”

A group of Florida state senators have introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of sex to prosecute “consenting adults.”

Under that bill, sex would only be used to prosecute someone who “engaged in a sexual act with another adult, and only when the sexual act involved the minor,” according to the bill’s summary.

Florida state Rep. Robert Ritchie (R) told ThinkProgress that the new bill would protect the rights of minors and “protect them from criminal prosecution, including the sexual exploitation of minors.”

“I am proud that we have bipartisan support for this bill,” Ritchie said.

“If it is passed by the state senate, I would be happy to introduce a bill to amend this law to protect minors, and then make it more clear that consent can’t be inferred from this act.”

Florida is not the only state to pass laws targeting stalking, though.

Florida is one of two states that have passed similar laws in recent years.

The other is South Carolina, which passed a law in 2013 to ban “any contact, harassment or intimidation” with a person who had been “victimized, physically or psychologically abused or neglected, or has been placed in danger by a known stalking victim.”

A bill in California that also includes “stalking” language was passed in 2012 and was signed into law in March of that year.

The California bill requires the reporting of stalking incidents by law enforcement, and if an investigation discloses evidence of a stalking offense, law enforcement must obtain a search warrant before obtaining a person’s information.

The law also requires law enforcement to make the victim’s consent to the search confidential.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in California has called the bill “one of the most egregious” stalking laws in the country.

The ACLU of Southern California, a civil rights group, also filed a brief supporting the law in a lawsuit against Florida in February of this year.

“We are pleased that the federal courts have now affirmed the right of law enforcement and the courts in Florida to investigate and prosecute this type of harassment, which violates basic protections of civil rights

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