How to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with Oculus Rift (Polygon)

The Hobbit has been a long time coming, with many fans disappointed by its release.

But thanks to the efforts of its developers, the story of Middle-earth is coming to life in VR, and for a good reason.

For those who haven’t played the movie, The Hobbit is set to premiere at midnight on November 16.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you can get it for free by visiting the official Disney Channel page or watching it at

If you’ve never seen The Hobbit before, the movie is set in a fantasy world populated by elves, dwarves, and hobbits.

The movie was originally released on DVD in 2007, but the release was later delayed by Warner Bros., who wanted to give the movie a theatrical release.

Warner Bros. decided to release it in a digital format, but only for a limited time, and the film was only available to those who subscribed to their digital service, the Disney Channel.

To make the transition to VR easier, Disney released an app that lets you play The Hobbit on a VR headset.

But that’s not all.

The app lets you see your favorite scenes in the movie from the perspective of your VR headset, but that’s just the beginning of the fun.

You can also see the movie in full HD and the 3D look is available on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

For those who want the best of both worlds, The Last Guardian will also let you watch it in 3D.

Disney and Warner Bros.’ apps both offer a number of ways to watch the movie on Oculus, HTC Vive, and Oculus Touch, but The Hobbit VR experience is the most customizable of the three.

For starters, you don’t need a headset to experience the movie.

It’s fully immersive, with stereoscopic 3D that makes it look like a movie theater.

It also features a library of trailers that you can watch at any time.

To do so, simply click on the “Watch” button on your Oculus Touch controller, and it will take you to a new window where you can search for your favorite trailer.

Once you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll be able to download it to your Oculus Rift headset and launch it from the menu.

Once the movie begins, it’s like watching a movie you’ve already seen, but on VR.

After that, you just need to plug in your Oculus VR headset and put it into the Rift’s headset dock.

You’ll be ready to go in no time.

While The Last Hobbit VR app is designed to be easy to use, there are a few additional things you need to know.

The app requires a subscription to Disney’s Disney Channel, and you can only watch the film on its website, so it won’t work for everyone.

The VR experience requires at least a 4K UHDTV, which is not yet available on the Oculus Rift.

And you’ll need a VR camera.

It can be found at Amazon for $80, but you can also buy a special edition for $130, or get a headset for $100.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for a headset or a camera, The End of the Beginning is an experience you’ll want to share with your friends.

To get the most out of The Hobbit, you might want to make sure you’ve upgraded to Oculus Rift Pro or later, but for now you can grab The Hobbit as a VR experience.

The Last Guardian is available for pre-order now.

You’re able to order it from Amazon.

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