What is Tim Cook’s reaction time?

When a president’s first response is to tweet something about the president, it is not unusual for the president to get a quick “back up,” a moment of self-control, that allows the president’s followers to return to normalcy.

When that first tweet fails to be tweeted out, though, Trump can get frustrated, and often does.

This is an indication that Trump does not have the patience to be able to respond in real time.

Trump can only react to tweets as quickly as he can tweet.

Trump’s reaction times are also not consistent across the entire day.

They tend to vary by the president and his timeline, according to the analysis.

The president’s timeline can vary greatly, from a few minutes in the morning to hours in the afternoon.

On a day where Trump is at the White House and tweets, he tends to react with tweets about his family, but not much else.

The president’s reactions to the news can be inconsistent and erratic, but the tweet responses are not.

Trump’s tweets are typically short, concise, and short-lived, often with little else to say.

They are typically accompanied by a quick reaction that usually makes him look bad or to show how his actions have caused more harm than good.

There are exceptions to the rule that Trump is slow to respond.

He can quickly reply to tweets, or tweet about a story that has a news-related component.

But Trump is also likely to be responding to an announcement about his travel ban, which is often an issue that has nothing to do with the president.

In the past, Trump has responded to news events and newsworthy topics with quick tweets, and that has sometimes created a backlash from his followers, who tend to be conservative.

When Trump tweeted about the Paris climate accord on April 30, it caused an immediate backlash from the left.

The tweet was later deleted, but many people were left to wonder whether Trump had actually done anything wrong.

In the case of Paris, Trump was reacting to an unrelated story about the event.

He is not usually quick to respond to something that has no news-specific aspect to it, such as a story about a presidential election.

The timing of the tweets can also vary widely.

For example, when Trump tweeted on March 5, he sent the tweet in response to a story in the Wall Street Journal about his plans to cancel his Mar-a-Lago resort.

He then sent a few more tweets after that, including one that included a photo of a tree.

At times, Trump seems to be doing something that he can’t do.

For instance, Trump responded to a tweet that he sent in response with a photo from his golf club, which has not had a golf course for a long time.

But Trump often seems to have a limited amount of time to react to a new development in the news, or he responds with a tweet.

On March 14, for instance, he tweeted that the new Trump International Hotel was scheduled to open in the spring.

The hotel is expected to open as soon as next year.

Trump had to respond within a few hours of the tweet, and it took him three more tweets to clarify the news.

In his tweets, Trump usually tries to avoid being drawn into the news and instead focuses on the golf course and his golf career.

The timeline is also sometimes erratic.

One of the most notable examples of Trump’s erratic tweeting comes when it comes to the president of Mexico.

Trump tweeted out an image of a woman in a white suit standing next to a large white truck on the right side of the screen, and a photo that appears to be of Trump holding a cigar.

It was a reaction to a report that Trump was scheduled on March 10 to meet with the Mexican president.

That meeting was canceled after Trump’s team found out that it was scheduled for the day after the golf tournament in New York, where Trump had taken part.

But it was not the first time that Trump had used a photo to make a political point.

In August of 2016, Trump tweeted a photo featuring himself and former president Bill Clinton.

It was the latest in a string of tweets that have included photos of him smoking cigars.

While Trump’s tweets can be very short, they tend to stay on the same topic for longer than others.

In some cases, Trump’s tweeting takes place for hours or even days, often on topics that are of interest to the public.

When a tweet is timed to coincide with a news story, it can also be more effective in helping the president gain an advantage over his opponents.

For Trump, his tweets can sometimes appear to have much more impact than others, which helps explain why he has been able to get his Twitter following to grow and even win votes.

Some of Trump�s tweets have caused him to lose followers.

In a recent poll, about 30 percent of Americans said they were disappointed in Trump for tweeting about the death of his father, former President George

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