How did this happen? — POLITICO New York

by POLITICO New Zealand reporter Alex Dziegler’s article about the story that the New York Times ran about the alleged rape of a woman at a train station in New York City has received a lot of attention from the online press.

It has also attracted a lot more negative attention.

In the end, Dzigler and his partner, former Times reporter David Carr, decided not to run the story, in part because they didn’t feel it was newsworthy enough to run.

What’re the main reasons for that decision?

What”s the takeaway? The Times’ decision to not run the article comes after the story had already been covered extensively by other news outlets.

The Times ran the story after a Times reporter who reported on it in a podcast for a podcast site was forced to resign after being accused of sexually harassing her former colleague.

The story also sparked outrage from many feminists who were angered by the way the story was framed and presented, including some who had been part of the Times staff for years.

“It’m the same thing as saying, ‘Well, if the story isn’ t newsworthy, why are people telling it?'”

Dzichel said in an interview with POLITICO Newz.

“People have a very bad habit of framing stories in ways that are not newsworthy.

It’ll be a couple of years before they realize how much it hurts.”

But the Times” decision to run it wasn’ot an accident. Dzilchler” said he was concerned that the story would be viewed as a way to discredit women who were being accused by men who were men, something that happened in the story’s reporting on an alleged rape by a man at a New York subway station.

“What we thought about this story as a reporter was that we didn“t want to be seen as the guy who got caught in a false rape story,” Dziglali said.

“We were looking for a story to tell about a woman who had said something bad about a man.

But the fact that the Times chose to run this story was just really shocking to us.”

What‘s the real story?

It“s hard to say. Dziigler‘ report did not go into detail about the details of the alleged attack, which were not reported by the Times, but he did say the woman who made the complaint said the man raped her and made it clear that he didn”t want her to tell anyone.

The woman, whom Dziiglali identified only as “Liz,” told the Times that she was on a train with her two young children, one of whom was under the age of four, and a man who was “in the same train car as me.”

The man, who is believed to be in his 40s, told her that he was going to grab her by the hair and rape her, according to the Times report.

When she told the man, she said, “He was a big guy, like 5 feet 6, ” she told him.

“And he was very, very strong.

And I said, I don’te want to go, ’I want to fight him,’ she told Dziigi.

The man told her he did not want to hurt her, but she said he did.

She told the newspaper that he then told her she had to leave.

”He was telling me to get out of the train car, ‘she said, and “I was scared, because he was coming over my shoulder, and he was holding me down, and it felt so bad.

And then I told him, ″No, no, no.

Don’ti want to do that.”

She said she then told the police.

She said that she went to the police station, but that no officers were there.

She also said that, as she walked away from the station, she felt a “big kick” on her buttocks, which was later found to be caused by a sharp object that had been thrown into the train, the Times reported.

She wrote that she asked a police officer, ‪Did you hit her with a weapon?”

The police officer told her, ‵Yes, that’ is what I heard.

And he said, it’z a woman’s body.’ Dziiggler“ report did find that the woman told police she had been walking home with her kids when she heard what happened and that she thought the man’ was going back to grab the children.

Dzeiglali told POLITICO New Z that he felt uncomfortable with that statement because it implied that the women’ kids were safe at home.

’”I thought it―s so sad that she had made that statement,” Dziigs said.

″We did a lot in the

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