How to Get Away with Murder: An Investigative Documentary by Sarah Koenig

Sarah Koenigs latest project is a documentary about how we can get away with murder.

The program, entitled The American Psycho, is currently in the middle of filming.

Sarah Koeniger has an impressive track record when it comes to investigative journalism, but she’s not afraid to tackle controversial topics like police brutality, and her latest film will likely have many fans of the paranormal.

This time, she’s exploring the case of Robert Bates, who was murdered on February 12, 2018.

Sarah Koenig will be interviewing people who know Bates personally and the people who have worked closely with him, as well as people who were close to him, including his ex-wife, a former boyfriend, and a former teacher.

She’ll also be discussing the evidence that was found on the Bates property and the circumstances surrounding his death.

The documentary will explore the evidence, the questions that are being asked, and the answers that will emerge.

I’ve never worked with a producer as experienced as Sarah Koenigg.

She knows how to get a story across with a compelling story, and this is an excellent opportunity to show that in an entertaining, informative, and informative way.

How to Get away with Murder is a very different type of documentary.

Rather than focus on one individual, it focuses on a wide range of different people.

The film focuses on several different characters in this case, including the people involved in the investigation and the witnesses who were present at the crime scene.

For example, there’s a police officer who was present at Bates’ home the day of the murder and testified to him.

There’s also a woman who was Bates’ former girlfriend who claimed to have witnessed him commit the murder.

Sarah will also look at how people are being framed in this murder investigation, and what the facts are that they’re trying to hide.

It’s an incredibly difficult film to make.

The first time I watched it, I was completely shocked.

But it’s not a documentary.

It’s a true crime doc.

Sarah was able to bring a different perspective to a case that’s been the subject of many false and sensationalistic accounts, and she has a very unique perspective.

The only problem I had was with the cast.

I found them to be very difficult to work with, and they’re all very different personalities.

The cast of The American Psych also included Kate McKinnon, who played Bates’ girlfriend; Amy Landesman, who portrayed his ex; and Will Arnett, who plays the father of Bates’ children.

I was a little disappointed that Kate McKillen didn’t get a cameo in the movie, but that’s understandable given her role in the pilot episode.

I’m very excited to be working with Sarah on this film.

She’s an extraordinary talent, and we look forward to sharing her insights and her unique perspective on this case with the world.

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